Journal Your Way to Success by Emily Syring

Journal Your Way to Success

Journal Your Way to Success is an eBook with 300 of the juiciest, most transformational questions to help you tap into the best possible version of yourself with ease and clarity.

The Box

Picture this.

You're stuck in a box.

You look around the inside of the box and all you can see is four walls and a ceiling.

What if I told you the only way to get out of the box was to read the instructions on the outside of the box?

That's journaling does for you.

It allows you to look at the problem from a different perspective which can show you the solution.

Did you know you could be one question away from transforming your life?

Here’s the thing, your best life, the life you are dreaming about right now, the life you would live if you won the lottery, is right outside of shifting a few thoughts.

A simple change in your daily thoughts can create a ripple effect in the way you feel on a daily basis, which determines your actions which create the results you see in your daily life.

Lucky for you, changing your thoughts only requires one thing...

Asking yourself the right questions.

But asking the right kind of questions isn't something that you learned in school and it sure can't be found in a textbook.

That's why I've done the hard part for you and have compiled a list of 300 of the best questions to ask yourself to gain clarity on what you want and create the successful life you deserve.

In this eBook, you will find questions such as:

What are my top priorities every single day?

If I woke up tomorrow with no fear of failure or rejection what would I do?

What is one value I hold above all else?

 If money were of no concern, what would my life look like?

It's these types of questions that create the biggest shifts in your thinking, help you gain confidence and clarity and move you forward into the life you want.
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